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    UCL 2015-2020 4K Matchs / PSG UCL Matchs 1080 (2013-2016)

    Hello, I'm seeing some clips of old UCL matches in 4K Final 2015 - FC Barcelona vs Juventus - Sky UHD Juventus vs Ajax 2019 - BT Ultimate Barcelona 2019 UCL 4K and many more, like Atalanta vs PSG, Leipzig vs PSG Final 8 2020 If you owned a match in 4K between 2015 and 2020 (All 4K Channels and...
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    4K FEED - Paris Saint-Germain vs Juventus

    PM if interested Complete name : UCL.06.09.2022.Group H.Paris St Germain vs Juventus.Int.Sat feed.4K.4.2.2-10Bits.2160p.50fps.ts Format : MPEG-TS File size : 54.6 GiB Duration...
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    UCL - Paris Saint-Germain vs Juventus - 4K FEED

    PM if you are interested
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    Paris Saint-Germain vs Juventus 4K Match or Sat Feed Version

    if you have that, pm
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    Olds Ligue 1 PSG Matchs

    Hi, I am looking for old PSG Ligue 1 matches (2008/2015) in HD (all languages), also French versions even if the quality is not good (2008/2020) I miss some seasons, if you have that, pm I am also looking for Sat Feed versions of all seasons, same thing: pm
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    UEFA Super Cup 2022 - Real Madrid vs Eintracht Frankfurt - 4K Canal+UHD

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    Premier League - Everton vs Chelsea - 4K Canal+UHD

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    Premier League - Fulham vs Liverpool - 4K Canal+UHD

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    Ligue 1 - Clermont Foot vs Paris Saint-Germain - 4K

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    Ligue 1 Sat Feed / 4K and French Version

    Hello, I'm looking for Paris Saint-Germain matches in Ligue 1 in 4K or Sat Feed version, I'm also looking for these matches of the 2020/21 season (Sat Feed or Canal+/Telefoot version): Season 2020/21 missed (Telefoot or Canal+, PM if you have): Stade de Reims vs Paris Saint-Germain FC Nantes...
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    Sky Sport Bundesliga UHD HDR - DFL Supercup - RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich 4K

    PM if you are interested
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    Trophée des Champion - Paris Saint-Germain vs FC Nantes 4K or Sat Feed 1080

    Hello, I'm looking for a 4K version of this match, I know it was streamed by 5Sport 4K, if anyone has that or even the Sat Feed 1080 version, go pm
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    UCL 2015 Final - FC Barcelona vs Juventus 4K

    Hi, I'm looking for a version of this match in 4K, to my knowledge there is only the Sky Ultra HD and Sat Feed version, if someone has one of the two or another, go pm
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    World Cup 2014 HD FEEDs

    Hello, I have all the matches of the 2014 World Cup in Sat Feed HD 720p. I also have the opening and closing ceremony in Sat Feed HD 1080i. PM if you are interested
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    PSG 4K

    Hello, I'm looking for these matches: 2021/22: Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain vs Club Bruges Leipzig vs Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain vs Leipzig* Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City* Club Bruges vs Paris Saint-Germain 2020/21: Manchester City vs Paris...
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    4K World Cup 2014

    I'm looking for 2014 World Cup matches in 4K, if you have that come in PM my 4K list : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1syiR5pnGczvci-iWelvxn9zGOWD49E3EOrJtQwnlV0w
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    UCL Matches 4K

    Hello, I Search UCL 2019/20 Matchs (mainly PSG) 2020/21 Matchs (mainly PSG) 2021/22 : Bruges vs PSG PSG vs Bruges PSG vs Leipzig Leipzig vs PSG PSG vs Man City and other if you have If there are versions of previous years of the PSG I am a taker
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    4K IPTV

    Hi; I am looking for an IPTV with these channels: - V Sport Ultra HD - BT Sport Ultimate Live - Sky Sports UHD - Eleven Sports 4K
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    PSG Ligue 1 and CL in 4K

    Hi, I'm making a request again because I need these matches, if you have PSG matches in Ligue 1 or Champions League go pm (also interested in Sat Feed in 4K). I have some of these matches in several 4K versions, I am mainly looking for those of Ligue 1 that cannot be found.